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 Thank you all so much

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Thank you all so much Empty
PostSubject: Thank you all so much   Thank you all so much EmptyThu Jul 17, 2014 10:15 pm

I'm in a really sentimental mood right now, and I just wanted to thank everypony for everything you've done. Before the forum, before I became a brony, I was a very lonely person. I had very few friends, and normally kept to myself. But, ever since the day Lunaria showed me the Sonic Rainboom, my life changed. I began living by the codes of Generosity, Honesty, Loyalty, Kindness, and Laughter. I made so many new friends, and had so much more fun with my old friends. Thank you all for being my friends. Thank you, Lunaria, for opening my eyes. And thank you, Lauren Faust, for teaching me that friendship truly is magic.
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Thank you all so much
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